Last updated: June, 2024

The list below describes the technical and system requirements that apply to the use and access to Digital Products and Services provided by Wilson Language Training Corporation.

Supported Browsers & Operating Systems

Windows® 10 and Windows® 11
Most recent 2 versions of the following browsers:
  • Chrome™
  • Safari®
  • Firefox®
  • Edge®
MacOS® 10.15 or higher
Most recent 2 versions of the following browsers:
  • Chrome™
  • Safari®
  • Firefox®
ChromeBooks and Tablets
Google ChromeTM OS for ChromeBooks and Tablets- Current ChromeOS LTS is always supported.
Most recent 2 versions of ChromeTM browser.
iPad / iOS
iOS 16 and up are supported.
Most recent 2 versions of the following browsers:
  • Chrome™
  • Safari®
Interactive Whiteboards

Just Words and Fundations InterActivities are generally functional for Chromium based Interactive Whiteboards (SMART, Promethian, etc).

When using the Fundations / Just Words InterActivities on an Interactive Whiteboard- please use the Whiteboard’s built-in annotation functionality.

Minimum Computer Hardware Requirements 

  • 1.5 GHz processor or higher is needed to be supported 
  • 8 GB RAM 
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher required 

Minimum Resolution Requirements 

Minimum Resolution for all our products are 1024 x 768 other than the Fundations / Just Words InterActivities. While these features will function at lower resolutions, we recommend a minimum resolution of 1280×720 or higher with browser zoom set to 100%.  
Widescreen aspect ratios (16:9) are optimal as more interactive elements will fit on-screen.

Network Requirements 

A minimum of 10Mbs Download and Upload are required. 

Firewall/Content Filter Requirements

All destination ports above 1024 are recommended for unrestricted outgoing traffic.  
Ports 80 and 443 are required for outgoing traffic. Access to the following internet domains should be allowed:Ports 80 and 443 are required for outgoing traffic. Access to the following internet domains should be allowed: 

  • akamaized.net 
  • auth0.com 
  • cloudfront.net 
  • core.windows.net 
  • doubleclick.net 
  • funhub.com 
  • google-analytics.com 
  • googleapis.com 
  • googletagmanager.com 
  • gstatic.com 
  • msecnd.net 
  • polyfill.io 
  • sproutvideo.com 
  • typekit.net 
  • vids.io 
  • vimeocdn.com 
  • wilsonacademy.com 
  • wilsonlanguage.com
  • zoom.us  

Other Application Requirements 

PDF Viewer

If you encounter issues with viewing PDFs- please download and install Adobe Reader to view them. The Adobe Reader DC enables viewing and printing of PDF resources. This plug-in is available with the required browser versions and is available as a free download from the manufacturer’s website.  

Professional Learning Delivery 

To access Wilson’s Secured Presentation, Microsoft Office 2019 or above is required. 

VIS Requirements 

  • Audio A good headset or speakers, and microphone are required. Quiet space with good acoustics is recommended. 
  • Video A high-quality webcam is strongly recommended. If participating in a WRS Level I Web-based practicum, an external camera is required. One with a flexible neck, such as the Hue HD Webcam, is recommended. 

Email Communication Requirements 

Email sent from Wilson Language Training comes from the @wilsonlanguage.com email domain and must be allowed by your school’s or district’s technology team to reliably receive critical support and updates communications. 

At times, emails sent by Wilson Language Training teams do not reach our educators. These are some common issues and resolutions to allow for the reliable receipt of our emails. If you believe you are not receiving email from us, please check the following:  

  • Check your spam filter to ensure it did not get filtered. 
  • Check your Gmail tabs and drag emails from Wilson to the “Primary” tab. 
  • Contact your district IT team to ensure the district’s firewall/content filters are not blocking communication from Wilson.  

User Provisioning 

  • For Fundations Plus customers who have opted into Clever integration- Clever Rostering as well as Clever Portal and Badges Login are supported. 
  • For all other customers- a secure Wilson account will be provided.  

Contact Us 

All of the above requirements represent minimum specifications for most of the relevant programs, and they are subject to change in the future with or without notice.  
Wilson products may function on other platforms or versions not listed here. However, Wilson support is limited to systems that meet the minimum requirements. Wilson does not provide support if you use our products on any system that does not meet the specified criteria. 

If you have any questions about these technical and system requirements, please contact us at Info@wilsonlanguage.com