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Reasons to Keep Going

Teenage boy wearing graduation cap and gown and honor cords stands next to a senior woman with light brown hair and a blue flowered dress. The boy is holding a high school diploma.
Marietta, GA

Jane Kyburz is passionate about her work as a Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist (W.D.T.). She has dedicated her professional life to helping students with reading difficulties. Even after an enduring career in education including 25 years as a private Wilson Reading System® tutor, she’s not stopping.

“The reason I just keep on going is the students and my relationships with them,” Jane explained. “Seeing their success is what keeps me going.”

More Fun Than Golf

Jane gave retirement a try, but it wasn’t for her. She tried learning to golf and only tutoring one or two students on the side, but there were so many more children who needed help learning to read. “I had more fun teaching than golfing!” she recalled with a laugh.

During her long tutoring career, she’s had the pleasure of watching her WRS students grow and succeed through their fifth grade, high school, and college graduations.

Last year, Jane had two joyful reminders of why she keeps tutoring.


Harry became Jane’s student before kindergarten. His mother saw some concerning signs in his early development and wanted to give him the strongest start in school that she could.

Jane worked with Harry on pre-reading and school readiness skills at first. When he was eight years old, Jane started delivering WRS instruction.

“He was a smart kid but was severely dyslexic. WRS was perfect for him.” Jane said.

The two slowly and steadily worked together to complete all 12 Steps. Harry was determined to succeed, and that’s what he did.

Harry graduated from WRS in sixth grade, and Jane continued to tutor him in study skills and thought organization for writing.

Jane said with a smile, “His was truly a worst-to-first situation.”

With his learning needs addressed, Harry was able to shine at school—fully engaging in his classes and pursuing extracurricular interests, including the golf team National Honor Society. His years of hard work paid off when he graduated summa cum laude and got into his first-choice college.

Mary Katherine

A teenage girl stands in a pink dress stands next to a senior woman in a  pink dress and black and white checked jacket. Both people are smiling.

Mary Katherine came to Jane for WRS tutoring early in her education as well. While Mary Katherine made good progress, she was only able to attend two sessions per week. Mary Katherine needed more frequent sessions to truly become an independent reader and ended up attending a school for students with reading difficulties where she received WRS instruction during the school day.

Jane continued to work with Mary Katherine on Steps 7–12 upon the school’s request. The pair worked together at school four days a week, and Mary Katherine’s reading skills grew as she worked toward completing the program.

Mary Katherine had a goal in mind—she wanted to go to the same high school that the previous three generations of her family had attended.

By the time Mary Katherine entered middle school, she no longer needed a special program or interventions and was thrilled to be able to attend her preferred high school. She graduated with honors and was accepted into a competitive public university.

“These two just really brought it home for me,” Jane said. “I’m inspired by that element of success when I see them graduate high school or college.”

Still Dedicated

Jane isn’t ready to stop tutoring. She remains dedicated to helping her students become successful readers through structured literacy. Even as she considers retiring again in the next few years, Jane looks forward to the feeling of victory as each of her remaining students achieves their literacy goals with her help. 

“I might be tired in April,” she said, “but in May, I see such success, either when I’m giving them the mastery assessment or when I see their standardized test scores.”