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Going Forth

Educators from the countrys tiniest towns to largest cities gathered in Boston for a deep dive into the newly released Wilson Reading System® (WRS) 4th Edition. More than 400 WRS Certified Teachers and Wilson® Credentialed Trainers (W.C.T.) explored the enhanced Instructor Manual and associated materials in preparation for the upcoming school year in public school districts, private schools, reading centers, and other educational settings. The two-day Conference for Wilson Certified Teachers and the Trainer Meeting featured a variety of general and breakout sessions, along with hands-on [...]

University of Utah Reading Clinic

In Utah, Michele Blake, Grace Craig, and Holly Dean are three in three million. The trio of educators at the University of Utah Reading Clinic (UURC) are Wilson® Credentialed Trainers (W.C.T.) in the expansive state of three million residents. Together with UURC Director Dr. Kathleen Brown and other Wilson-trained professionals at the clinic, they are providing intensive multisensory structured language (MSL) instruction to teachers and students from the majestic mountain ranges to the vast desert regions. Established by the states legislature in 1999 and housed within the universitys [...]

Spring/Summer 2018 Decoder

Catch up on Wilson news in the Spring/Summer issue of The Decoder, Wilsons educational newsletter highlighting school and district-wide literacy initiatives, student and educator success stories, professional learning opportunities, and much more. We hope you enjoy this issue, which includes reflections on our 30-year history in the field of dyslexia and information about the Wilson Reading System® 4th Edition. The Decoder provides an opportunity to recognize the meaningful work taking place in Wilson classrooms throughout the country, as well as the achievements of once-struggling [...]

Teacher Appreciation Month

During Teacher Appreciation Month, we asked educators to share what it means to be part of the Wilson community. We are so very grateful to have received over 1,600 poignant, thoughtful, heartwarming, and enthusiastic responses from teachers across the country! Read on for a sampling of what they had to say. My classroom is part of the Wilson community because ... Wilson fosters confidence. When a student struggles with reading it affects their entire day. Not only do they have difficulty in language-based subjects, but also math, music, physical education, and art. In addition, outsid [...]

Virtual Mentoring

Live, interactive mentoring in Fundations® and Just Words® is coming to a screen near you! Following a yearlong pilot program with public school educators in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Wilson Language Training® (WLT) will begin this fall offering virtual mentoring in these two multisensory structured language programs. Delivered over the course of a school year by a Wilson® Literacy Specialist, virtual mentoring is designed for educators who are new to either program, or are seeking to deepen their understanding of efficient program delivery from the comfort and convenience of their o [...]

Welcome 2018!

As this new year begins, were continuing the momentum of 2017! We are preparing to launch the 4th Edition of the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) and commemorating our 30th anniversary in the field of dyslexia education, multisensory structured language instruction, and professional learning. Individually and collectively, our mutual efforts and achievements are positively impacting teaching and learning throughout the country. At no other time in history has such attention been paid to the issue of providing effective teaching and learning solutions for individuals with dyslexia. We are prou [...]

Fall 2017 Decoder

As the new school year begins, were pleased to announce the publication of the fall issue of The Decoder, Wilsons educational newsletter profiling school and district-wide literacy initiatives, student success stories, professional learning opportunities, and the latest scoop on all things Wilson. We hope you enjoy this issue, which includes a special focus on dyslexia, our 30-year history in the field, and the new Wilson Reading System® 4th Edition. The Decoder provides an opportunity to recognize the meaningful work taking place in Wilson classrooms throughout the country, as wel [...]

2017 Parent Night

Obtaining assistive technology (AT) for students with learning disabilities can seem overwhelming for parents or caregivers. Learning about whats available, how AT can benefit students, who is eligible, and how to collaborate with public schools or districts to acquire services will help demystify and facilitate the process. During our annual Parent Night on October 3, Senior Educational Technologist Nanci Shepardson presented an overview of AT that included a review of students rights under federal laws, guidelines to follow when working with a childs education team to determine app [...]

2017 Trainer Meeting Recap

Educators from 28 states gathered in the seacoast city of Portsmouth, N.H., during the 18th annual meeting of Wilson® Credentialed Trainers. The two-day meeting in July provided an opportunity for 128 Trainers and 50 Wilson Literacy Specialists and Literacy Advisors to reenergize, reflect on the past school year, and cultivate new ideas for the upcoming year. The upcoming release of the Wilson Reading System® 4th Edition in early 2018, and the enhanced curriculum and materials it will provide to instruct students with dyslexia, was a primary focus throughout the conference. Wilson Language [...]

Ringing in the New Year

A new year provides a perfect opportunity to prepare for the months ahead while also reflecting on the progress and activities of the previous year. While 2016 has come to a close, the gains made by school districts, educators, and students using Wilson® throughout the country will continue to grow as the seasons unfold in 2017. Dyslexia Credentials As new dyslexia legislation continues to pass in more states, we have aligned our Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Certification programs with nationally recognized credentialing terminology commonly used in the field. WRS Level I Certified indivi [...]