Tips for WRS Online Lesson Delivery

Although Wilson Reading System® materials for teachers and students are specifically designed for in-person lesson delivery, your school or organization may decide to utilize an online meeting/instructional software program to connect with students remotely. If this is the case, it may be possible for teachers to temporarily provide direct instructional support or even deliver some parts of a Wilson Reading System lesson with students within the established online environment.

This approach would be best suited for students receiving Wilson Reading System lessons in a 1:1 setting; however, it may also be possible to effectively deliver a Wilson Reading System small-group lesson in some circumstances.

Keep in mind that for some instructional components of the Wilson Reading System, it is best if the student has access to certain materials, such as the Magnetic Journal with tiles, the WRS Student Portfolio (including the Student Notebook and Student Dictation Notebook), and the Step-specific Student Reader. Other manipulatives such as Word Element and Syllable Cards or High Frequency Cards could be temporarily substituted with generic index cards for the student to use.

If students have already been sent home without these materials, the following short video provides tips on how to do a lesson remotely.




Copyright Notice

Although Wilson Language Training would not consider it an infringement to transmit an image of Wilson materials via WebEx, Skype, Zoom or similar technology, it is an infringement to scan, post, or email Wilson materials for any purpose, including an online lesson. However, given the unique situation due to COVID-19 related closures, and our hope that teachers can continue with their students, Wilson Language Training will allow the scanning of pages if needed during this period of extended closures. The electronic transmissions are limited to the pages needed for a particular lesson, not the entire product. The pages are to be shared directly with students. Please do not forward or post to the Internet. Thank you for your consideration.