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Letter to the Wilson Community

Dear Wilson Community,

Today is a momentous day for the future of Wilson Language Training. We are thrilled to share with you the announcement of Wilson’s partnership with Alpine Investors. This new relationship will offer us an incredible opportunity to reach more students and educators.

35 years ago, we founded Wilson Language Training with the goal of improving instruction for students with dyslexia by helping teachers understand what those with dyslexia needed to succeed in reading. Since that day, we have been deeply committed to our vision of “Literacy for All” and have become a forerunner in foundational structured literacy for K-3 students and those beyond elementary grades who struggle with reading and spelling.

In recent years, Wilson has experienced unprecedented demand for our programs and professional learning due to new dyslexia legislation, the growing recognition that programs must be based on the science of reading, and the need to address learning gaps resulting from the pandemic. Why? Because Wilson Works!

Given this landscape and steady growth, our decision to partner with Alpine Investors is an incredibly timely and meaningful one. We are thrilled to have found a like-minded partner that shares both our people- and purpose-driven culture and our conviction in structured literacy and the science of implementation. Alpine has a deep respect for our vision of “Literacy for All,” and we are confident that they are the perfect long-term partner to help us achieve our mission.

We are excited about what’s ahead for Wilson with this partnership, but we also want to reassure our community that Wilson will remain an independent company, and our mission, pedagogy, and commitment to teacher professional learning will remain the same. Wilson remains the gold standard in our industry, and we will continue to offer the same professional learning and certifications. As a long-term partner, Alpine will enable us to reach more students and teachers by providing us with resources and expertise. We will be able to further invest in our people, programming, professional learning, technology, and COMPASS Plan delivery so we can continue to scale our impact and the support we can provide to students, educators, and districts.

Moving forward, both of us, along with the current Leadership Team, will continue to lead the company with the added support and assistance of the experienced Alpine team. Both of us will remain significant minority owners and continue to serve on the Board of Directors. Barbara will continue to be a thought leader and guide our program development and professional learning initiatives, while Ed will continue to support our operational goals.

We could not be more excited about the opportunity before us, and we want to take this moment to thank the entire Wilson community for your continued dedication to our shared vision of “Literacy for All.”


Barbara and Ed signature