Student Assessment

Formative assessment/progress monitoring is built into the Fundations® program with every single lesson. The teacher is able to assess students’ skills because instruction is visible and explicit, and all students are actively participating in the learning.

During each part of the lesson, a teacher is assessing how the student is responding to his/her instruction and how the students’ skills and understanding of concepts are progressing as well. The next lesson in Fundations is written with the students’ needs in mind. The sounds, words (real as well as nonsense), phrases and sentences are chosen for decoding and encoding to specifically target any problems students are having as well as assisting the teacher in making sure the students are understanding the new concepts taught in that lesson.

Unit Check-Up quizzes and Unit Tests, summative assessments that take place at the end of each Fundations Unit, measure a student’s knowledge of concepts that are taught in a specific Fundations Unit. Results of the quizzes and tests guide teachers’ decisions about whether to advance to the next Unit; whether particular students need support; or whether to reteach the Unit to the whole class.

For K-1 students receiving Tier 2 intervention, the Fundations Level K and 1 Progress Monitoring tool specifically measures skills introduced in Fundations Level K and 1. Specific fluency measures are provided to measure progress after each week of instruction. Charts and class records monitor progress toward the benchmark.

When Fundations is exclusively implemented as a Tier 2, early intervention program, teachers can use the Intervention Placement Inventory to determine which Fundations Level a student should begin with (K, 1, or 2). The Intervention Placement Inventory provides a quick assessment of:

  • letter names
  • sound to letter correspondence
  • single-word reading and spelling