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WRS Step 12 x 2

Recently, Amy Geary, a Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist (W.D.T.) and reading consultant in Connecticut, wrote to share the success of two remarkable students who reached the milestone of completing Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Step 12 remotely following school closures this spring. When we received her glowing testaments to rising eighth graders Jayden and Ben, we couldn’t wait to spread the joy as well!                                                                                         

Dear Wilson,                                                                   

Two of my students completed WRS Step 12 this spring during the COVID-19 school closure. I am so proud of them that I wanted to share their success with you!

Ben was identified as a student with dyslexia when he was in third grade. At the start of fourth grade, he began WRS instruction and continued working through each Step as a middle schooler. As a seventh grader, Ben progressed to Step 12 in March. His excitement heightened because he was in the final WRS Step. Then, COVID-19 forced our school to close, and online learning began. For Ben, this transition was difficult. Like many other students around the country, Ben had difficulty with internet services and electronic devices. Yet, he endured. Quitting was never an option for Ben. By the end of the school year, he had completed the WRS Step 12 post-test.

When I think about Ben and this accomplishment, I cannot stop smiling! WRS was not a quick fix for him, but he persevered. He is a person who tends to go with the flow. His teachers often comment that he is a kind, polite student who knows how to advocate for himself respectfully. His knowledge of practical skills and the world around him is quite astonishing. To know Ben personally and watch him cross the “WRS finish line” was indeed a gift.

Jayden began WRS in 2016 when he was in fourth grade. Although reading and writing were difficult for him, his teachers always said he was a dedicated student who continually tried to do his best. His diligence and WRS followed him into middle school in 2018 and Jayden continued to push himself to succeed.

When COVID-19 forced our school district to close all in-person classes and transition to distance learning back in March, Jayden was unfazed by the sudden change. He was in his last trimester of seventh grade and had just started WRS Step 12. He met faithfully with me three times a week for an hour at each session online. Although the concepts taught at this advanced Step were challenging, Jayden never faltered to try his best. In May, Jayden completed the WRS Step 12 post-test.

Jayden’s accomplishment is a result of his character. Teachers have consistently remarked on his hard work and positive approach to challenges. Personally, I’m impressed with his unstoppable drive to succeed, even when the instruction and learning are challenging. At the end of this school year, Jayden accomplished two goals. He finished the WRS program, and earned honors in his academics!

Thank you for sharing, Amy. Wilson wishes Ben and Jayden all the best as they begin the new school year as WRS alumni!