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Trademark Guidelines

Wilson Language Training Corporation (WLT) owns the trademarks Wilson Reading System®, Fundations®, WILSON ACADEMY®, JUST WORDS®, and WILSON®, as well as other related trademarks. The WILSON name is synonymous with high-quality products and services. WLT trademarks are extremely valuable because they represent the standards of excellence and consistent quality associated with WLT.

Proper use of WLT trademarks is important. You may use the appropriate WLT trademarks or product names to refer to WLT products and services, as long as such references are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and you follow these guidelines.

Trademark Basics

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, or device (or a combination thereof) that identifies the goods or services of a person or company and distinguishes them from the goods and services of others. A trademark assures consumers of consistent quality with respect to those goods or services, and aids in their promotion.
Rights to a trademark can last indefinitely if the owner continues to use the mark to identify its goods and services. If trademarks are not used properly, they may be lost and one of the company’s most important assets may lose all of its value. Rights may be lost not only because of a trademark owner’s improper use of the mark, but also through improper use of the trademark by the public.

Fair Use

As a general matter, you should obtain the consent of WLT before using our trademarks. U.S. trademark law does permit the use of our marks without our consent if the use of the mark is for the purpose of describing our goods and services or is otherwise a fair use as defined by U.S. Trademark Law at 15 U.S.C. § 1115(b)(4).
It is very important that your use of our trademarks does not mislead consumers regarding any WLT sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, or your products or services. Unless permission is obtained from WLT to use our trademarks, you should provide a disclaimer:
“[Title] is an independent [publication or product] and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Wilson Language Training.”
Use of our trademarks in a way that might confuse consumers as to an association between you and WLT is a trademark violation and not permissible. Thus, as a general rule, our trademarks should not be used for the purpose of promoting one’s own goods or services without our consent.

Wilson Logos and Stylized Marks

You should never use WLT logos or stylizations of WLT marks unless you have a license agreement or other explicit written permission to do so. This includes use of Wilson® Professional Credential logos, which may be used only by credentialed individuals under License Agreement with WLT.

Proper Use of Trademark Symbols

If your use of our trademarks is permitted under these guidelines, you should always use the proper trademark symbol (TM, SM, or ®) immediately following at least the first reference to the trademark on any page. Please check the list of trademarks below to verify how the WLT mark should appear. Note: This list may be updated from time to time.
Please note the correct name of our reading program is the Wilson Reading System® (not Wilson Language System, Wilson Reading Program, etc.).

Acknowledgement of Trademark Rights

You should always acknowledge that WLT owns the trademark. If it is not clear from the context of its use (e.g., WLT’s Wilson Reading System®), you should include a separate acknowledgement. The acknowledgement should appear in legible type in any materials in which a WLT trademark appears. The following language is acceptable:

“WILSON and [insert WLT mark used] are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Wilson Language Training Corporation.”

Remember that the inclusion of a trademark symbol and acknowledgement does not turn an improper use of a WLT mark into a proper use, nor does it entitle you to use any WLT mark in a way prohibited by law or not otherwise allowed under these guidelines.


  • Do not use any WLT mark, and do not adopt a “look and feel” with respect to any publication or website in a way that might cause confusion about the relationship between you and WLT or any of our products or services.
  • Do not incorporate any WLT mark into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names, and do not adopt any marks or logos that are confusingly similar to any WLT marks.
  • Do not use or reproduce any WLT logos, including Wilson® Professional Credential logos, unless you have explicit written permission to do so.
  • Do not use any WLT marks as meta tags for your website.
  • Do not use any WLT marks or confusingly similar words as your domain name or part of your domain name.
  • Do not use any WLT marks as internet search “keywords” or in any other way intended to direct or having the effect of directing traffic to a non-WLT website.
  • Do not use WLT marks in any improper way that would disparage WLT, its products, or its services (i.e., unfair competition, false or misleading advertising, etc.)


Please direct any questions you may have with regard to these Trademark Guidelines to info@wilsonlanguage.com.

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